Vaatsalya - The Healing Touch

“VAATSALYA” is a Sanskrit word which means affection and love towards each other.

This program is initiated for a noble cause of serving the elderly. The vision of  “ VAATSALYA” is to help make a society free of all dental problems especially the elderly by facilitating and imparting oral care. The mission is to provide complete dental solutions under one roof, for the elderly keeping  in mind the medical limitations of the same, by competent professionals.

“VAATSALYA” envisages the following:-

  1. 1) Complete dental/oral treatment under one roof.
  2. 2) Treatment rendered would be free of cost.

    The treatment includes :   Scaling
                                               Root canal therapy &  restoration        
                                               Complete denture & partial dentures.

  1. 3) Diagnostic check up would be done at the old age home.
  2. 4) Free transport would be provided for the subsequent treatment visits for all the patients.
  3. 5) Free lunch would be provided to patients.