Pedodontics & Preventive Dentistry

  • It is a special branch of dentistry which deals with comprehensive, preventive & therapeutic dental needs of infants, children & adolescents. In short dental speciality for kids and teens.
  • Also deals with children and adolescent of special health care needs like mentally compromised, visually impaired and any other mental & physical disabilities.
  • Special care has been taken to provide a congenial environment to make the dental treatment experience a pleasant one for the child patients.

  • 'PARIVARTAN' is a school based dental care programme which provides comprehensive, therapeutic and preventive dental treatment for school children. 15 schools including more than 10,000 children have been covered in this programme. At present, 8 schools are taking part in programme with 10 in waiting for participation. The programme which began on a very small scale initially for create awareness is presently showing good results and a lot of promise and potential for the future. Dental treatment provided for children is completely free of cost and participating children are provided with free food, transportation and oral hygiene kit. The programme aims to include more and more children in future to make them dentally healthy and responsible individuals.

Professor & Head (Pedodontics & Preventive Dentistry)

Dr. Vijay Bhaskar
Has been one of the pioneers in the field of pediatric dentistry in Gujarat. He has teaching, training & research experience for more than 15 years. The department has blossomed from a seed to a full grown tree under his leadership. He has a well established clinical practice since last 15 years.

 Special features :
  • "PARIVARTAN" is a comprehensive program with noble initiative with meeting particular need of underserved children. Around 7500 children are covered till now.
  • Facility of treatment under GA and sedation as day care procedures are available.
  • Root canal treatment in child & adolescent patients.
  • Stainless steel crowns for primary & permanent teeth.
  • Habit correction to prevent deleterious oral habits.
  • Fluoride application & pit & fissure sealants as a part of preventive dental treatment.