-An awareness drive

By Department of Periodontology & Oral Implantology

Programme Co-ordinator: Dr. Sandip Ladani, MDS, Senior Lecturer



Gujarat is amongst the most prosperous state of our country but surprisingly there is a tremendous lack of awareness among the people of the state regarding oral hygiene and periodontal diseases. This lack of awareness combined with the prevalence of myth and superstition have led to alarmingly high rates of gum diseases, dental decay and many such dental problems which ultimately impact the general health of an individual.

    ADC is the first self-financed dental college of Ahmedabad that offers quality education in undergraduate and post graduate courses. As a part of its social responsibility the college is carrying out programs like “PARIVARTAN” which is a comprehensive school based dental health program and “VATSALYA”, a program for the benefit of elderly people. “JAGRUTI ABHIYAAN” is an initiative by the Department of Periodontics and Oral Implantology for educating and invoking awareness among the masses regarding periodontal diseases.

    Jagruti Abhiyaan, “Jagruti” meaning “awareness” and “Abhiyaan” meaning “drive” is an awareness program for the people of Gujarat. The vision of “Jagruti Abhiyaan” is to help spread awareness in the society regarding all dental problems especially periodontal diseases. Our mission is to provide basic and advanced solutions for all periodontal ailments and problems under one roof provided by our team.

    How do we work??

    Dental camps are carried out at various locations and patients are first screened. Individuals having periodontal problems are then identified and educated about their diseases by one of our staff member or post graduate student present there and various treatment options are given. Free lunch and bus services are provided for patients who are willing for treatment.

    For a healthier future!!

    Our main aim through “JAGRUTI ABHIYAAN” is to spread awareness amongst the masses regarding periodontal diseases because a healthy periodontium is the key to good oral hygiene and we believe that

    “Oral Health is for

    Overall Health!!”